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    Item Description: Like New LG G2x Accessories
    Price: $25 (Price includes shipping to US ONLY)
    Rate it: 10 / 10
    What it comes with:
    • Black & White silicon cases (BNIB) – $8
    • Rearth Ringke Case (Mango) – $17
    • 1 spare battery (LG OEM) with desktop battery charger - $20

    Item location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Shipping Details: Free shipping to anywhere in the US
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Contact Info: catekim @comcast.net

    Any additional info: The accessories are in excellent condition with no scratches, chips, or dents. I'm not interested in trading so please don't ask! *THE PHONE IS NOT INCLUDED!*

    Check out my feedback!


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    Updated price to $285
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    Updated price to $250
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    Updated to list accessories
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    Guess you didn't get the memo about updating the first post.
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    I guess I didn't! Are you going to kick my tush?
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    I'm just messing with you. If you can't trust a former rock star who can you trust? Folks I can couch for cate, she was a mod, LONG before yours truely.
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