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    Two things you need to know before we start:
    1. I do NOT have a working PayPal account, so we will need to work out an alternate payment method. Do not ask me to use PayPal, it's not an option. I hear good things about Google Checkout (but I never used it), so if you have any suggestions let me know!
    2.I'm putting a price on this just so I don't get in trouble for not having a price, so just throw some offers out there - it's very loosely priced! PM me or post here with offers!


    Item Description : LG EnV2 Maroon
    Price : $75 OBO
    Rate it : 8.5/10 - few scratches, nothing major
    What it comes with : phone and charger
    Item location : Hewitt, NJ
    Shipping Details : included in price
    Payment Options : read #2 in the rule section up there! ^
    Contact Info : 973-513-2224/connorbinko08@gmail.com

    12-16-10 08:42 AM