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    Item Description : Like New LG EnV Touch (Verizon Wireless)

    Price : $250 USD

    Rate it : 9.5/10 because it's used

    What it comes with : Original box, manuels, travel wall charger, usb cord and a blue hard
    case. I also have a set of screen protectors for the exterior and interior screens.

    Item location : Tallassee, AL

    Shipping Details : USPS unless buyer specifies something else.

    Payment Options : Paypal or cash only if LOCAL and when I say LOCAL I mean 20 mins from Tallassee, AL

    Contact Info : PM me here on crackberry!!

    I've sold and brought a few things here and thought I'd go ahead and put my newest cell on here! I miss my blackberry.. alot more than I expected! Everyone said I'd be back. So here I am trying to sell my 15 day old LG EnV Touch. I really didn't realize how many of the features on my blackberry I actually used! If anyone is looking for a break from their bb or a nice phone for their kid this is the one for you!! Alot of other users in the forum have suggested this as a nice "dumbphone" to own! If you're interested just let me know! If nothing happens here I'll put it up on ebay! Also I would consider trading plus cash of course.. like an old 8330 or pearl flip for Verizon! Thanks CB!

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