1. thebeags's Avatar
    Item Description : 16gb iPod Touch (1st gen)
    Price : $125.00 (shipped)
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Synching cord, clear speck case.
    Item location : Sarasota, FL
    Shipping Details : UPS Overnight shipping included in price.
    Payment Options : paypal preferred
    Contact Info : Reply to thread, PM me, or email, rpjohs@gmail.com

    Any additional info:

    Will add some pictures up when I get home from work tonight. The iPod is in great shape, not a single scratch or nick on the screen. The chrome back has normal wear and tear, which is to be expected of an iPod that is a little over a year old.

    It has the latest OS installed on it, and is ready to go.
    01-28-10 11:59 AM
  2. Jvaf's Avatar
    Do you ship to Canada?
    01-28-10 03:23 PM
  3. thebeags's Avatar
    I can, not sure if I could overnight it though....
    01-28-10 03:27 PM
  4. fraunhofer777's Avatar
    Post pics....and i'd be very interested...
    01-28-10 05:58 PM
  5. The Blackberry Veteran's Avatar
    Email sent. Very interested!
    01-29-10 12:01 AM