1. superD9900's Avatar
    Item:white iPhone 4s 16gb unlocked
    Rate: 9/10
    Price: $420Shipped
    Color: White
    Includes: Box,manuals,charger
    Shipping:tracked and insured
    Payment: Paypal
    Contact: thesuperd24@gmail.com
    Other: phone is in as new condition. Not rated as ten due to the phone being used and not new. Is jailbroken on ios5.0.1. Is boxed and complete. Factory unlocked. Has warranty until next year Any questions shoot me an email or pm

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    05-18-12 07:52 AM
  2. asdpro's Avatar
    check your pms!
    05-18-12 09:33 AM
  3. superD9900's Avatar
    Replied to pm
    05-18-12 09:45 AM
  4. asdpro's Avatar
    payment sent!
    05-18-12 12:23 PM
  5. superD9900's Avatar
    And received with thanks. Great communications
    05-18-12 12:26 PM
  6. asdpro's Avatar
    Dude, you send the phone? I sent you two emails and you no replied
    05-21-12 11:35 AM
  7. emilyjean05's Avatar
    The thread for the iPad is closed - can you send me my tracking # please?
    05-22-12 07:52 AM
  8. asdpro's Avatar
    And my tracking #.
    I dont want open a case in paypal!
    05-23-12 08:52 AM
  9. wkKOC's Avatar
    Looks like scam
    Too good price to be true...
    05-23-12 12:59 PM
  10. asdpro's Avatar
    Dispute on paypal OPEN!
    05-24-12 09:19 AM
  11. mikeplus1's Avatar
    Yes, I have also opened a dispute on paypal, looks like we got scammed!

    And he has been doing it for a while it seems as this post is from 09-16-2011:

    Dear all

    just to say that I was the buyer of danny28's 9360, well the telphone has never arrived and danny is just disappeared. Please beware of danny28, I am also wondering if he had never this phone

    Also see the negative feedback for Danny28/31 aka Danny Hatton, aka superD9900, aka Neil Jackson here:

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    05-24-12 11:16 PM
  12. pkcable's Avatar
    Unfortunately he appears to have done it again. After some digging I found some indications that SuperD9900 is also known as Danny31 (aka Danny28) aka Danny Hatton.

    All we can do on the CB end is ban the names which I will now do, BUT I strongly encourage you all to pursue paypal disputes and other legal avenues. Sorry folks.
    05-25-12 09:31 AM
  13. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Man, I hate to see that. People like this guy really me off. There's no place for this. Unless you know the seller, always pay with PayPal protection. I ran into this same issue with a different guy. Great communication up until payment. Then he vanished. Sent a BS tracking number. Took about 2 months but I got my money back from PayPal. I'd also recommend using your credit card instead of debit. Your CC company will also provide protection in case of stuff like this.

    Good luck guys. And hopefully someone can find this guy and kick the shizz outta him!!
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    05-25-12 01:56 PM
  14. ecko no yaro's Avatar
    I feel sorry for your lost guys
    well, at least you are not got scammed by the moderator here (UYBB) that's gonna double your sadness
    05-26-12 04:50 AM
  15. mikeplus1's Avatar
    I feel sorry for your lost guys
    well, at least you are not got scammed by the moderator here (UYBB) that's gonna double your sadness
    Yeah, former moderator it seems, but I don't know why he was not banned if he scammed someone here.
    05-26-12 08:27 AM
  16. taajir's Avatar
    Danny the devil
    05-31-12 05:18 PM
  17. mikeplus1's Avatar
    Danny the devil
    Yeah, and watch for him to show up with a new alias here as he has done already or on ebay or anywhere else for that matter.
    06-02-12 08:11 AM