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    Item Description: 16GB iPhone 4S Bundle
    Price: $605
    Condition: Near Mint, See Below.
    Includes: A lot. Read on.
    Item Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    Shipping Details: USPS Priority Mail (Insured, $10) or UPS Ground (Insured, $15)
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Contact Info: donald.k@me.com
    Additional Info:

    I'm back with another pretty sizable bundle up for grabs, this time a great iPhone 4S with a ton of accessories to go along with it, would work as a nice starter bundle for someone looking to get in with a 4S.

    First up is the phone itself, a black 16GB AT&T iPhone 4S, near mint condition, with two small scratches on the bottom of the back glass, about 1.2cm long going from the middle of the FCC logo on both sides of the regulatory logos to the end of the glass. The scratches are borderline impossible to see, I've done my best to get a shot where you can see them, however the fact that they're so small and that I've got a back protector on the glass makes it even more difficult.

    Also included is the box, with the charger, sync cable and unused ear buds.

    Second are the accessories, here's what you'll be getting:

    1x SGP Linear Blitz in Gun Metal (3 piece case with an aluminum back plate $31.99)

    1x SGP Linear in Satin Silver (just like the Blitz above, but in silver with a plastic back $24.99)

    1x SGP Leather Grip case in Black (nice leather snap case, soft padded interior, $31.99)

    1x SGP Leather Skin Guard (leather back skin, works with the Apple Bumper and some other "bumper style" cases, gives a nice texture to the back and looks very professional. $17.99)

    2x SGP Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protectors (two included in each pack, crystal clear protectors with an oil resistant coating, $13.99/ea, $27.98 total)

    1x Case Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum (nice minimal case with a silver aluminum inlay, $40.00)

    1x SwitchEasy Eclipse in White (Hard Plastic case with TPU around the band, nice "medium" protection case, $19.99)

    2x Elago S4 Series cases, one S4 Glide in white and one S4 Slim Fit in Orange. (nice minimal cases, $10.99 each)

    AppleCare+ (see below.)

    Overall (retail) value I'm estimating about $750, using the above prices, all of which I got from Amazon (excluding the Barely There case).

    I had a 9900 that I actually traded for this phone in December, but I've also got an iPhone 4 which is now sitting unused, so I've gotten a case of iPhone overload, I'd like to go ahead and get another 9900, so I'm putting this up here as a steal for anyone looking to get an iPhone 4S and some pretty killer accessories for almost nothing.

    It's worth mentioning that the phone is covered until October 2013, under AppleCare+ with no "incidents" used under the plan, however the plan is allowed to be transferred once, and it was transferred to me from the original owner, so transferring again isn't possible. For that reason I'm not including it in the overall "value" - I've had no issues with people using AppleCare when they're not the listed owner of coverage before, as Apple seem to look more at the device and the serial, less at the person sitting there, but the old saying "your milage may vary" is being used here, and I feel it's morally correct I don't include that additional $100 here.

    I'll ship through which ever method you choose from within 24 hours, If paid after 11am and using USPS, it'll go out the following day, if using UPS, It can go out anytime, provided payment is received before 5pm. I can also provide faster shipping, Just get in touch.

    I've been on CrackBerry for quite a while, and love this community, When I come on here to the marketplace, I'm looking to do a simple, straight forward transaction with someone, I don't pull any "games" on here and feel as though I've got the CrackBerry and eBay feedback to prove that.

    If you have any questions, feel free to respond below or getting in touch via PM or email. Thanks for looking.

    (PS - I'd be willing to consider a trade with someone, provided they'd be able to ship at the same time, and have a bit of CrackBerry feedback to back their words up, as I mentioned, I'm looking for a 9900 from either AT&T or Rogers with the box and all accessories in the same condition as this 4S, but if someone has a GSM device they think I might be interested in, don't be afraid to toss me a PM!)


    01-10-12 03:38 PM
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    Will take $475 for the device only, No accessories besides the box and what it came with.
    Adding photo I forgot of the Barely There case.

    01-11-12 03:39 PM