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    Item Description : Great condition iPhone 4 32 GB updated to 5.0. Have had the phone for a few months and is in great condition. A couple marks on the metal bezel from the bumper that was on it (go figure). No marks on screen at all.
    Price : 350
    Condition : 9/10
    Includes : Original box, USB cable and wall adapter, car charger and screen protector. No earbuds.
    Item Location : Delaware
    Shipping Details : Shipped fast via USPS Priority.
    Payment Options : Paypal only
    Contact Info : astuckey05@gmail.com
    Additional Info: I am a trusted eBay and Amazon seller.
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    12-05-11 09:09 AM
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    Bump since the pictures have been added.
    12-06-11 12:53 PM
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    Are you interested in a trade? I am trying to sell a 9650 with a lot of extras. I'd be willing to trade and cash. Let me know if you are interested.
    12-06-11 01:16 PM
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    PM sent.

    12-06-11 03:02 PM
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    Sorry, not interested in trades.
    12-06-11 06:59 PM
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    Please do not edit your first post.
    12-06-11 07:05 PM
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    It was updated because of additional pictures. Didn't know that was an issue.
    12-06-11 07:09 PM
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    Do not edit your thread once it has been posted.

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    12-08-11 08:46 AM
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    The iphone king went Android on us?
    12-08-11 09:39 AM
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    The iphone king went Android on us?
    Well actually, if you have really been paying attention you would have known I've been using both Android and iOS together over the last year

    P.S. Getting a 4S!
    12-08-11 12:35 PM
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    Is this still available?
    02-15-12 12:48 PM
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    Any interest in an iPad 1? It's an ATT 3G, 16GB model, in great shape, with case AND with Apple Care for another few months.
    02-15-12 01:02 PM