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    Item Description : 32GB Black VZW iphone 4
    Price :430
    Condition :9.8/10 Great condition No blemishes at all
    Includes : Phone, and charger. NO BOX.
    Item Location :Southeast MI.
    Shipping Details : Priority
    Payment Options : PAYPAL Gift or pay fees or Google
    Contact Info :PM me detfan@gmail.com

    The phone is mint. No marks anywhere. it is a replacement phone from a few weeks ago.

    09-09-11 09:18 AM
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    By the way it is running iOS 5 I can remove that, but it runs great on it.
    09-09-11 09:19 AM
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    Everyone is getting rid of their iphones now because they want the new Bold!!!!!

    I found a BEAUTIFUL skin for it, if anyone is interested!

    Philadelphia Phillies iPhone 4 for Verizon Skin - MLB.com Shop
    09-09-11 09:29 AM
  4. detfan's Avatar
    09-09-11 09:30 AM
  5. detfan's Avatar
    Sold to jbutch83, set for shipment on Monday the 12th. I guess we can close it up.
    09-10-11 12:42 PM