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    Item Description : Iphone 3G 8GB
    Price : $235.00
    Rate it : 7.5/10 Used some Dings from use
    What it comes with - Charger and Case Skin only
    Item location : Livonia, MI.
    Shipping Details : USPS Priority w/Insurance
    Payment Options : Paypal/ M.O.
    Contact Info : PM me here or email detfan@gmail.com

    Any additional info:
    Apple iPhone 3G This is the 8GB. It has been used extensively, at least thats what it looks like..Im not saying its trashed, but it was a 22 year old nephews phone and he used it alot and kept it in his pocket..I put 3.0 on it for him, and have tested it big time over the past few days just to make sure I was not selling a piece of junk..

    I am not!! phone works great, screen seems to have something like a dust partical on the inside that you can see on or off, and it does not affect anything that I can see..I thought maybe it was a dead pixel but I cannot tell. The phone itself works flawlessly, and will serve anyone needs or if you are a fixer upper you can do that..I am told this price is pretty firm, but if you have an idea let me know, Ill see what he thinks.

    Any Questions just ask. I have swapped and sold here plenty...

    07-11-09 08:56 PM