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    Item Description : IM+ License Key
    Price : $30.00
    Rate it : N/A
    What it comes with : License Key only
    Item location : Online
    Shipping Details : Immediate - must be over email.
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : zrome@ymail.com - contact through email for fastest response.

    Any additional info:
    The not-so fine print: exchange must be done over email. Original price of the item is $39.99 being sold at a $10 discount.
    The fine print:
    Buyer MUST initiate the payment first, once the payment has been received, I will email out the license key. I will delete the license key and the exchange email once the transfer is over - therefore, if the buyer loses the key in the future, I will not be liable towards recovery. The license key has been checked and unlocks the full version of IM+. In order to activate, you must download the free trail from Shape Services website (google: IM+ blackberry) and when asked to register, copy and paste the license key.
    It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the buyer download the trial first to see if the program is compatible with your BlackBerry. If you purchase the license key and later realize that the program is not compatible with your BlackBerry, I will not be held responsible.
    As stated, the payment will be made through PayPal. A copy of this post along with this disclaimer will be sent to the resolution center if the buyer attempts to file a claim once the license key has been exchanged. As their is no way to 100% wipe the license key off the buyers computer, a refund will not be accepted once the key has been exchanged.
    You MUST be an eligible buyer. That means that if you have less than 20 posts, I will not sell the license key to you. This is to reduce potential spam.

    Reason for sale: In 2008 I won a contest with the license key. As I did not have a BlackBerry then, I sold it off. Searching for my name (zrome) will lead to that marketplace thread - it also contains the buyers feedback. In 2009 I won another contest with the license key (this one was from CrackBerry itself). As I have now moved to the Verizon iPhone, I no longer am in need for the license key; hence, it is up for sale.
    03-16-11 02:31 PM