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    Item Description: AT&T iPhone 4 16GB
    Price: $425
    Rate it: 10
    What it comes with: iPhone 4, Otterbox Defender Case, Otterbox Belt Clip, Apple Mic/Volume Control Headphones (a few weeks old), Apple USB Cable, USB Cable Power Adapter
    Item location: Los Angeles
    Shipping Details: USPS, will split cost with buyer (up to Priority)
    Payment Options: Paypal Personal (to avoid fees), Money Order, or other Paypal method (if you pay fees)
    Contact Info: PM or email ragnarokx at crackberry dot com

    Any additional info: Phone is only 4 months old, left the Apple Store in the best protective case on the market, and has only been taken out for cleanings. This is evident by looking at the pictures (note: some dust particles are visible in a couple of the pics). I was going to take over my brother's AT&T account and get on a cheap family plan but he decided to stay with AT&T and get a new Blackberry, so this phone has only been used lightly as an iPod. Everything that comes with the phone is pictured.

    I have had one previous sale here in the Crackberry Marketplace that went very well, however the buyer never responded to my request to leave feedback I do however have a perfect selling record on my eBay account which is over a decade old. I am also an old member here, as well as a Moderator on Crackberry's sister site AndroidCentral.

    04-19-11 04:06 AM
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    04-20-11 11:50 PM
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    which firmware is it on? and also do you have the box?
    04-21-11 03:07 AM
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    The phone came with 4.2.1 and has never been updated. I do not have the box - everything I have is pictured.
    04-21-11 09:03 AM
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    I can vouch for the seller, he IS a mod at AC, and can be trusted.

    EDIT: Nice touch having the browser on phone in the pictures set to the CB homepage.
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    04-21-11 03:35 PM
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    Sweet looking phone and a bump for ya!
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    04-22-11 07:46 PM
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    Item sold and mods notified to close thread.
    04-25-11 12:44 AM