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    Description: HTC Merge for US Cellular
    Price: 140
    Rate It: 9/10
    Comes with: box, charger, usb cable
    Location: Chicago suburbs
    Shipping Details: to be determined
    Payment: straight trade
    Contact info: email me here or pm

    I have a like new HTC Merge for US Cellular that Id like to sell. (edit pk)

    If you're interested email or pm me. If you're in the chicago area even better. I've got all postive feedback here, and I know BigBadWulf and pkcable will vouch for me as well.

    One thing I want to add...in the last picture it might look rough around the edges of the invis shield...merely lint from my pocket.

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    11-18-11 02:18 PM
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    Just wanted to add that this is running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, never rooted. Also I have the receipt for the Invisible Shield, which has a lifetime warranty.
    11-20-11 08:43 AM
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    Will sell outright for $150 shipped
    11-22-11 07:02 PM
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    This is now for sale only...CrackBerry discount in effect! will sell for 140 shipped. No longer need a trade, picked up a Curve 9350 for free on BF.

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    11-28-11 03:14 PM
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    As requested I edited the first post to change this to a sale from a change. And yes I can vouch for the trade, he's ok for a Blackhawks fan!
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    11-28-11 03:44 PM