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    Item: HTC Droid Incredible 2
    Rate It: 9.5/10
    Location: Eastern NC
    Price:$350 OBO PAYPAL
    Shipping: USPS with tracking
    Item Description: Having to sell my Incredible 2 because I need the money to cover some bills. Currently rooted and running CM7 nightly #39. It is in excellent condition, always had a screen protector on it. Has the original box, charger/sync cable (motorola because I lost the HTC one) and 5 cases. Otterbox Defender ($50) Otterbox Commuter ($35) Qmadix Shell/Holster ($25) and a couple TPU cases. Need to sell, not looking to trade. Make some offers people!

    08-15-11 06:52 PM
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    Any offers?

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    08-16-11 10:58 AM
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    $300 takes it all.
    08-16-11 05:58 PM
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    08-17-11 04:58 AM