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    Item Description :HP DV9000 Laptop
    Price : $350 BRO USD
    Rate it : 9/10..only cause its used
    What it comes with : Listed in post
    Item location :Norfolk Mass
    Shipping Details : Buyer pays USPS
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : c1971ace@gmail.com

    I have for sale my HP DV9000 laptop. It's a couple years old and is in perfect condition.I have owned this since brand new and has had light use.This unit runs perfect and has no issues whatsoever.Right now i am running XP Media Edition but i have run Vista and have also run Windows 7 on this with no problems.I had to take out 7 because it was a bootleg copy and a recent update detected that but a legit copy will work no problem.I can load in XP or Vista,whichever the buyer chooses.Only reason i am selling is because i am getting a new one and have no need for 2 laptops.Screen is perfect and the bezel was replaced under warranty due to a known defect and also at the same time the battery was replaced under warranty recall as well.Also the Patriots skin can be removed if the buyer so wishes.Here are the specs......

    AMD Turon 64x2 1.6 mhz
    2GB Ram
    Dual 5400RPM SATA hard drives...100gb primary 160gb secon.
    17" Viewbrite widescreen
    5 in 1 media card slot
    4 USB 2.0
    RJ 11
    RJ45 port
    56k modem
    Lightscribe DVD + -R/RW Dual Layer multidrive
    2 Headphone jacks
    1 mic jack
    802.11 b/g wifi

    Here is what the package will come with......

    AC Cord
    Recovery dvd's
    HP tuner card with all cables
    2 HP remotes...one for XP one for Vista

    This is about all i can think of right at the moment if anything else comes to mind i will eidt this post.I am asking $350 shipped BRO.Motivated seller and I am willing to talk a little on this but please no lowball offers or trades.I would like to sell within the next couple of days so any interest or questions please either post here,pm, or email me at c1971ace@gmail.com
    05-19-10 09:35 PM
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    No interest? I am willing to talk on this!

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    05-21-10 05:37 AM
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    I'm possibly interested. I sent you an e-mail.
    05-21-10 10:49 PM
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    Email replied too.....still haven't heard back yet.....

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    05-22-10 08:42 PM
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    Mods please close thread....laptop has been sold locally

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    05-25-10 11:11 AM