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    Item Description : Halo 3 ODST/Red Dead Redemption
    Price : Halo ODST - $25 Red Dead Redemption - $45
    Rate it : Halo ODST - 7/10 (Surface scratches, doesn't affect gameplay at all)
    Red Dead Redemption 9/10 (Minor Surface Scratches, doesn't affect gameplay at all)
    What it comes with : Halo Odst comes with multiplayer and ODST Campaign discs. Red Dead Redemption comes with Game Map and Game Disc (Online Multiplayer)
    Item location : Tampa Bay, Florida
    Shipping Details : Ship Free USPS or Standard UPS
    Payment Options : Paypal Please
    Contact Info : RDShyne@gmail.com

    Any additional info:
    I can even make a video of the games playing, to show they are working perfectly fine.
    Listing both games $10 cheaper than used versions sold in stores.
    08-30-10 01:57 PM