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    Item Description : WTS Gently Used Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530
    Price : $200 USD plus shipping
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : Original box and everything that came in it, PLUS EXTRAS!
    Item location : Los Angeles, CA
    Shipping Details : Buyer pays UPS/FedEx/USPS, your choice
    Payment Options : PayPal only. Cash for locals
    Contact Info : PM me

    Additional information:

    The exterior of the phone is like new!! NO SCRATCHES OR DENTS at all. The original screen protector has never been removed (as seen on pictures). Phone was always in some type of casing so it was never exposed naked to the world

    The phone's OS is up-to-date. I never installed anything that was leaked because i was too afraid to break the phone. The functioning of the phone is beautiful. Works well.

    Most importantly, ESN is clean. Ready for activation.

    Nothing is wrong with the phone, money is just tight as a independent student. Money is tight for everyone so I'm offering a nice low price.

    The sale will include:
    -original box
    -instructional manuals
    -wall charger with international outlets
    -battery door
    -8g microSD
    -USB cable

    ALSO, I will include additional accessories I purchased for the phone such as:
    -Unused Invisible Shield cover for the screen
    -Three Silicon cases
    -Car charger (not in its original packaging, however)

    ON TOP OF THAT! I'll throw in my 3rd generation iPod. The iPod shows its wears and tears for being how ever old it is. Scratches on its back, probably outlining a sticker thats on it. It's not functional ONLY BECAUSE i believe it needs to be taken to a genius bar to fix its hardware. If the genius bar can't fix it, you have two options 1) pay like around $70 to get a refurbished one or 2) look at it as a 10% discount on your next purchase at the apple store as they will take old iPods for 10%. I would take it to fix it but I have an iPod Classic now so no need for two iPods.

    Feel free to PM for any questions. I check here often and will reply quickly.
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    Sale is pending.
    07-30-09 12:32 PM
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    phone is shipped on my end. tracking was given to the seller.
    07-30-09 03:46 PM
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    phone shipped to trader.

    sale, or rather trade, is over.

    please close thread mods.

    thank you.
    07-30-09 07:06 PM