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    Item: Two day Droid x
    Location: Akron, Oh
    rate it: 10/10
    Comes with: everything (as it really is new in box)
    I am selling this phone as I now have a 9650 with 6.0 and think it fits my needs more then android...this droid x is a AWESOME PHONE and you wont find a better deal then this one (hint hint wink wink send your best offer as I really need to sell this phone and will take a bit less then 400)
    shipping:5 dollar priority mail
    paymentaypal confirmed address only please!
    contact: email me at jjarvis4@gmail.com, pm me here, or pin me.
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    10-07-10 02:18 PM
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    sorry had to edit, only to include pics.
    10-07-10 02:55 PM
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    Do you have any feedback on here?

    EDIT: Yes, you have quite a bit. You've got a PM from me.
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    10-07-10 09:16 PM
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    oooppps sorry about feedback, its on here and ebay (even though ebay has two strikes, one was suppose to be removed the other was wrong as well as the buyer wanted more that was in the auction and got mad when paypal sided with me, but other then that I have over 300 positive reviews on ebay) and here I have a perfect track record.
    10-07-10 11:05 PM
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    all pms responded too, still up please send your best offer.
    10-08-10 09:54 AM
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    300 shipped to 87105? i have positive feedback on 2 40k+ member forums as well as on ebay that i could point you to.

    oh and if the price i offered is too low, feel free to PM me a counter offer.
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    10-10-10 08:34 PM
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    Sent you an e-mail
    10-14-10 02:56 AM
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    sold please close, thanks everyone.
    10-14-10 11:38 AM