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    Droid X less then 2 weeks usage


    Condition:9.5/10 Phone is in 100% new condition, battery door has two scratches on it, it was from when the battery door was off when it got scratched it was not on phone and I will buy you a new battery door at my cost this phone has had a case on it since day one, and is in brand new shape.

    Items:Original box, charger, phone case, car mount, 16 gig sd card that was installed this is about 40 bucks worth of extras when you put case and car mount on it

    Location: Ohio

    Payment: Confirmed address paypal only will ship within 3 days of payment (currently waiting to activate my old droid) and yes the esn will be clean and ready to activate

    contact Info: PM or email jjarvis4@gmail.com

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    08-24-10 01:33 PM
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    the smudges you see at the bottom of picture 2 are marks from my fingerprint, they are wiped off, there are NO marks on this phone.

    feedback on here and eBay
    (I have two negative feedback on eBay due to one guy wanting something that was NOT in the listing at all, and another guy had the otter box that had to be sent separate and he got mad as he bought this for his cousin in Taiwan and had to wait to get the otter box, which the listing said it would be shipped at a later date, both feedback I feel were not warranted.)
    08-24-10 01:37 PM
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    wanna trade for bold 9650?
    08-24-10 01:52 PM
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    Fixed up your ad. Text looks better now. But we need a price.
    08-24-10 01:55 PM
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    No trades as I am trying to pay off medical bills, trust me I would NOT be selling this phone and going back to just a droid...but I had some unexpected medical bills pop up. thanks for your interest

    edit: and yes I did edit the first post I didnt take one thing out I just forgot to add price, sorry.
    08-24-10 01:57 PM
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    Fixed up your ad. Text looks better now. But we need a price.
    thanks yester, its okay I added a price to original post isnt it? I hope I am not causing problems by doing so.
    08-24-10 01:58 PM
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    Nope I have my post as a note. So all other Mod's will be aware. No worries.

    Just glad we got it all fixed up.

    Good luck.
    08-24-10 02:00 PM
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    all emails responded too, please send your best offer...also price drop 475 (again please send your best offer) thanks.
    08-25-10 12:36 PM
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    phone sold, please close, thanks everyone.
    08-25-10 04:59 PM