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    Item Description : Droid X
    Price : 300 Shipped
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Phone, Charger, Screen Protectors, Green Seidio case, Multimedia dock
    Item location : Chicago, IL
    Shipping Details : Priority Flat Rate (Shipping Included)
    Payment Options : Paypal only
    Contact Info : spark032207@ymail.com

    Any additional info: Getting rid of some Verizon phones because the whole family switched to ATT

    Pictures: Droid X Pictures
    01-03-11 07:59 PM
  2. spark09223's Avatar
    Price drop 285 shipped
    01-05-11 07:45 PM
  3. spark09223's Avatar
    Another drop to 275 shipped
    01-10-11 11:09 AM
  4. melissaryyy's Avatar
    Emailed you!
    01-11-11 11:08 AM
  5. spark09223's Avatar
    Okay... 250 shipped
    01-15-11 09:38 PM
  6. roaztb33f's Avatar
    It's crazy how much the demand for these things have dropped since the announcement of 4G LTE Droid phones.

    This phone is boss, and $250 is a steal.
    01-15-11 10:55 PM
  7. D2TSHR1439's Avatar
    Yup, between LTE and iPhone for Verizon, nothing is really selling. 2 weeks ago, $300 would have been considered a steal, let alone $250.
    01-15-11 11:09 PM
  8. Wildo6882's Avatar
    Man if I didn't already have one I'd give you $250 for it. Not that I'm trying block anyone from getting a good deal on a good phone on CB, but you might want to try putting it up on eBay. They're still going for a pretty decent penny there. The people here are too savvy and know what's coming on the horizon. The masses on eBay, not so much. Good luck on your sale!
    01-15-11 11:29 PM
  9. Chrisy's Avatar
    I'm going to get a Bionic too. But I'm looking for an Android to hold me over. This is a little pricey though.

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    01-17-11 06:20 PM
  10. jebulls's Avatar
    Email sent.....
    01-20-11 12:32 PM
  11. spark09223's Avatar
    The phone is sold. Please lock the thread.
    01-22-11 12:13 PM