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    WTS Item Description : "Blacked Out" BlackBerry Bold 9700 for AT&T (all black housing)
    Price : $550
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : Everything in the box (except headphones) + Motorola Bluetooh headset + extra white battery door
    Item location : Rogers City, Michigan
    Shipping Details : Seller pays 2nd Day Air shipping free
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : peltzt@me.com

    Any additional info: Small space between LCD screen and headset area. Personally, I can't remove the 2GB media card from the slot, so with the phone comes a brand new 2GB Media Card. The extra white battery door that I have included has a small white bubble in the bottom right portion of the faux-leather backing. Since I had to change the chrome bezel myself, the warranty for this device is void.
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    Please follow posting rules and reformat.

    01-01-11 10:39 PM
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    01-02-11 12:55 AM
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    *The item was sold this morning*

    UPDATE: Turns out the phone wasn't sold. It was listed on a eBay and some guy named "laura" from Nigeria tried to scam me. I contacted eBay and they are working to resolve the issue. So it's still up for grabs! Feel free to contact me with the email address above
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    I knew that wouldn't take long. Sweet looking phone for sure. Congrats.
    01-02-11 09:58 AM
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    550$ ... :|

    01-02-11 03:51 PM
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    Modification of Price: $425 with free 2nd Day Air shipping via UPS.

    Email me with any questions. peltzt@me.com
    01-02-11 04:01 PM
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    *UPDATE: item is sold.
    01-02-11 04:04 PM
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    Really? for that much..? :\ I've never seen a BNIB 9700 for more then 350 :\
    01-02-11 06:29 PM
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    *UPDATE: item is sold.
    Where'd you find this dummy? lol

    I have a decent shape 9000 i'd like to sell them for 350$
    01-03-11 10:13 AM