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    Item Description: BlackBerry Bold 9000, AT&T version, unlocked
    Price: SOLD
    Rate it: 10/10, not a single blemish
    What it comes with: BlackBerry Bold, two extra battery covers, battery, 2 holster cases, 2 cradle chargers w/ AC adapters, USB cable, extra keyboard, extra trackball, car charger, OEM headset, extra bezel, 2GB microSD card.
    Item location: Hanford, CA
    Shipping Details: Shipping included for U.S. buyers - Must be able to verify delivery
    Payment Options: PayPal only, verified shipping address only
    Contact Info: PM or email me at david@netwerx1.com

    Extremely well cared for, 6 months old. Upgraded to 9700, so time to move this one out. Upgraded keyboard, trackball, & bezel. Everything works perfectly. Running official AT&T, I'll leave a few applications that I purchased. Tons of valued extras with this one, two cradles, car charger, 2 GB memory card. I'm going to post it on eBay on Thursday if I don't get a buyer here, but I wanted to give fellow CB addicts first crack. Prefer U.S. buyer, but will consider international in some cases.

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    Yes, i am in !! to India
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    Updated shipping information...please, verified PayPal shipping addresses only, and shipping method must provide delivery confirmation.
    12-07-09 12:24 AM
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    This Bold is Sold! Please lock/remove post, thanks!
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