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    Item Description: I have a black T-mobile 8800 World Edition for sale. Only used it for a couple months then got a curve.
    Price: 40(that includes shipping)
    Rate it: 6/10
    What it comes with: Phone, battery, charger, usb cord
    Item location: Richmond, VA
    Shipping Details: Will ship USPS flat rate box. Only shipping to USA.
    Payment Options: Paypal only
    Contact Info: E-mail: ya.broski@gmail.com or PIN me. PIN is in my sig.

    Additional Info: The screen has a couple of scratches on it. All are very small. The largest one is more of a scuff at the top left hand corner of the screen. The trackball has an orange-ish tint to it(as you can see in the picture). I'm not sure why. I've already done a handheld wipe and the phone will come fully charged so all you have to do is pop your sim card in to use it.
    Sorry about the image not being the greatest, I can't find my camera.
    There is a mark on the casing where the paint wore off near the "end" key. You can see in the picture where it's white. The only other scuffs are on the corners, they're not too bad though.

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    02-10-10 07:45 PM
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    You may want to specify if that is a 8800 or 8820
    02-10-10 07:46 PM
  3. zoi's Avatar
    fixed, fanks xx
    02-10-10 08:09 PM
  4. quintinalexander's Avatar
    Very interested in this item. I have emailed and added seller on BBM.
    Awaiting response.
    02-23-10 01:25 PM
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    If the above falls through, I will take it!
    Jus pm me. Thanks

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    02-23-10 02:49 PM
  6. ricking's Avatar
    Please call me if phone not sold rick 419-377-8555 thanks
    03-10-10 08:10 PM
  7. quintinalexander's Avatar
    Forgot to add the other day but she has already sold the phone.
    03-11-10 04:55 PM