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    Item Description : Blackberry Tour with Pink Housing for VZW (7 cases included)
    Price : $300
    Rate it : 9/10
    What it comes with : Everything (I dont have the original box anymore, but I have everything it came with) and several accessories
    Item location : Eau Claire, WI
    Shipping Details : free shipping with a tracking num included for buyer
    Payment Options : PayPal only
    Contact Info : send me a PM or by email at kaylajoy21@gmail.com (pls include your CB screenname when sending an email, please)

    I am selling my Blackberry Tour for Verizon. The ESN is clean and ready to be used. I am including all accessories I have, which includes the pink housing already installed, the gold and yellow housing and original black housing. I also have 3 silicone cases (hot pink, blk, and baby pink) and 4 snap-on cases (rainbow zebra, cherry blossom, clear pink and gray).

    There is also a privacy protector already on the screen, which I am just leaving on the phone for the buyer.

    I am willing to negotiate on price. I am also open to possible trades. I would prefer to only trade for other Verizon devices. I used the tour for less than 2 months; nothing is wrong with it any way; I just preferred the keyboard on my Curve.

    Another pic, with the gold housing (this wasn't my favorite by any means)

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    where in the heck did you get those to turn the colors
    01-29-10 04:04 PM
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    I ordered them online; its just housing for the phone.
    01-29-10 05:36 PM
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    Email Sent. Let me know. Thanks for your time.
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    item is sold. Can a mod please close? Thank you.
    02-05-10 10:51 PM