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    Item Description: See Below 9630 Tour Accessories
    Price: In Description
    Location: Scottsburg, Indiana
    Shipping: Included in Price (USPS Standard)
    Contact Info: D2MEclpiseGT@gmail.com or PM
    Payment: Paypal or Cash


    Gold Blackberry Tour Housing. Includeds Front Cover, Battery Cover, and Keyboard. 9/10. $22 SHIPPED

    Authentic Blackberry Tour Battery Door Red Pearl. Comes in Blackberry Packaging. 9/10. $12 SHIPPED

    Blackberry Tour Backplate. There are a few scratched by the camera lense. No Camera Hardware 7/10. $14 SHIPPED

    Blackberry Tour OEM Keyboard. 9/10. $11 SHIPPED

    Trackball [Black] - SOLD

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I have feedback on here as well, should have 5. PM Me or email me at the email above. Thanks, Nick
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    02-07-10 02:21 PM
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    Trackball Sold.
    02-08-10 03:02 PM
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    Email replied regarding battery door cover.
    02-08-10 09:50 PM
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    Sale pending on Backplate .....
    02-09-10 11:22 AM
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    Backplate with Camera Hardware sold.

    There is still a backplate without Camera Hardware available.
    02-10-10 09:38 AM