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    Item Description: Blackberry Storm Accessories
    Price: $28 obo.
    Rating: 09-10
    Comes with: Storm Charging Dock ($15 Value), Verizon Shell/Case Combo ($30 Value), Storm Holster ($20 Value)
    Shipping: USPS Priority (Continental US Only)
    Item Location: Scottsburg Indiana
    Payment options: Cash, Paypal, MO
    Contact: D2MEclipseGT@gmail.com or PM Me

    Pictures will be posted when I get home

    Here are pictures of the Dock and Shell.holster combo

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    Picture Added
    12-08-09 03:16 PM
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    I have gotten a few PM regarding the picture. That is a picture of 2 of the 3 items. There is one more that comes with it I just didnt have it with me. So you get that and one more item.
    12-09-09 07:41 AM
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    Items Sold. Thanks

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    12-10-09 11:55 AM
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    Item shipped and tracking number supplied
    12-12-09 09:58 PM