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    Item Description: Unlocked Blackberry Storm2 9550
    Price: $350usd (negotiable)
    Rate it: 9.5/10
    What it comes with: 2 2gb micro SD cards, BB leather horizontal carry case, micro usb cord
    Item location: Philadelphia, Pa
    Shipping Details: Free unless price drops below $300usd
    Payment Options:PayPal
    Contact Info: NormJackson@Vzw.Blackberry.Net or 215-384-5804

    Okay.. this is my first time selling anything on the net.. so bare with me

    I am selling my Blackberry Storm 2 because I don't need it anymore... gotta Bold 9650 coming in on Tues. and my sis doesn't want a touchscreen so she is stuck with the Tour

    Anyways I had it since 4/6/10 and it is almost mint condition... has a light lil scratch on the bezel at the bottom of the phone

    Has Zagg screen protector

    Now as for the lil accessory's I'm including, I don't have the original box and charger but I am including 2 2gb micro sd cards, and my $25 carrying case

    Current price is $350... and willing to trade for something useful.. depends on what it is

    Will post pics sometime today when I get a chance... extremely busy!!!
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