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    Item Description : Blackberry Storm 9530

    Price : $125 USD

    Rate it : 7/10 (maybe 6/10 depending on your priorities I suppose?)

    What it comes with : 16 GB SanDisk MSDHC memory card, folding Blackberry travel charger, Movon MF330 Bluetooth, standard D-X1 battery, Blackberry stereo headphones, and black silicone case.

    Item location : Seattle, WA

    Shipping Details : USPS Priority to lower 48 included (inquire for other options).

    Payment Options : PayPal or cash if local.

    Contact Info : hedberg_cg@hotmail.com

    Additional Info: I originally bought this Storm for parts, but then ended up fixing it up and using it for testing OS's and just to have around as a spare. It was in pretty bad shape when I got it...the bezel was trashed, the display was broken, the click button was jammed, etc. I sanded and painted the bezel, replaced the midplate (board that holds the click button), replaced the display, and replaced the hard keys. All replacement parts were brand new from cnn.cn. The display I got is primo...nice and bright, clear, and absolutely NO light leak around the edges. The click is solid and consistent... everything that was replaced works great! The MEID is clean with Verizon on this phone. Email me if you would like the MEID number to verify.

    Phone will be shipped with OS 5.0.191 and wiped to factory settings unless requested otherwise. 5.0.191 is a great OS for this phone since the camera doesn't work well anyway...lol (see below).

    Here's the bad news.

    The bezel was merely "prettied up." It still shows evidence of being beaten. Also, the paint looks pretty good now, but it scratches much more easily than the fake chrome that comes on the phone. If you don't care that much about cosmetics this isn't a real big deal.

    The camera will not focus on distant subjects. If you want to take up close macro shots it's fine, but anything of distance is blurry.

    The ribbon cable to the lock/unlock button is broken, so the lock button does not function. The phone can still be locked by using a third party lock application.

    Again, this Storm is not perfect, but the awesome new display (seriously, I wish I had put this display in my other Storm...), 16 GB memory card, and the battery alone are worth the price of entry. For someone who doesn't need a fully functional camera I think it will be an excellent phone. Oh yeah, the Movon BT was something I got free with another purchase and I have several of them, so just throwing that in. Not a great device, but it works!

    I can load it up with some music and movies if someone wants them. We can talk about what options there are when we get to that point.

    Here are some pics.
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    pm'd youu.
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    Update: Sale is pending, but I will still accept backups!
    09-08-09 02:46 PM
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    Seems like a fair price with the extras. A good low cost way for someone to enter the Storm family, who does not have access to VZW promotional pricing.
    09-09-09 01:35 PM
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    Any Status??
    09-09-09 09:07 PM
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    Hi everyone...received payment on the Storm today. Thanks to all who were interested...wish I had a bunch of Storms for sale!

    Item SOLD...mods please close thread. Thanks!

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