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    For sale is a pink unlocked blackberry pearl 8120

    * I would rate the phone an 7.5-8/10 it has a few small scuffs on the front screen area but is otherwise is good shape.

    * The phone has a "henna" battery cover but will come with the original solid pink one

    * The phone will come with the standard case with a magnet to dim the screen on the phone when inserted

    The phone is running OS:

    What you get:

    1. Blackberry Pearl 8120 Unlocked
    2. Solid-Pink battery cover
    3. Blackberry case
    4. Original Box (W/ Manual+CD, Wall Charger)

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    The forum format needs to bbe followed here.. Please repost using proper format..

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    Cant someone edit it or something instead of me having to go through the trouble of reposting it
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    ummm.. no therules are in place for a reason. no price has even been listed!
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    ok then here is the new posting: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthr...08#post5125308

    I don't see the point in almost 2 exact listings, I could have just added a price if some mod edited it for me
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