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    I have a black Blackberry KeyOne for sale. Purchased this new online two weeks ago. Comes with original box, papers, charging adapter and cable.

    What’s a fair price? $200?

    Sold as ATT Postpaid and prepaid + gsm unlocked. I have att prepaid so what I used.

    Ended up getting a Key2 as surprise from the wife.

    I only thing I noticed and posted about was the space bar feels off when pressed on one side more. Louder weirder click. During my use I’ve never had mistake or not work. Some say this is common but I’m not sure. Tried to take a close photo and what side lifts up.
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    01-09-21 06:02 PM
  2. ryankul's Avatar
    Trying to upload photos
    Attached Thumbnails WTS: Blackberry KeyOne Black-2d653d6b-97ca-4d6c-8f46-0c76ed467e51.jpeg  
    01-09-21 06:15 PM
  3. ryankul's Avatar
    Here are some more.
    Attached Thumbnails WTS: Blackberry KeyOne Black-79b91566-f4c9-4e35-9f60-f63a556ddb90.jpeg   WTS: Blackberry KeyOne Black-1233fde2-20ea-481e-8bd6-2a962385d80a.jpeg  
    01-09-21 06:18 PM
  4. thinkdan's Avatar
    Hi there. Is it still available?
    01-18-21 12:06 AM
  5. thinkdan's Avatar
    Here are some more.
    This one is 32GB/3GB, correct?
    01-18-21 12:45 AM
  6. ryankul's Avatar
    Sold, sorry for delay
    01-20-21 01:27 PM

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