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    Item Description : I just switched to ATT so i now have a good condition 8330available for use on verizon. Im asking 150 for it (+5 for the leather side holster if its wanted). Its in very good shape (was in perfect condition until it got a small scrape next to the left shift key. It also has some dust on the left part under the screen along with some small scratches on the screen (Visibile on both pictures. Pic 1 shows the dust well). All buttons work well.. I have the original box and all accessories that came with it.
    Price : $120
    Rate it : 7.5/10
    What it comes with : Everything that came in the OEM Verizon box.
    Item location : birmingham mi, usa
    Shipping Details : $8 dollars (Priority shipping) Express will be more.
    Payment Options : paypal or local meet(if your in the area save on shipping)
    Contact Info : PM me here on crackberry and i will respond quickly. I check here very often.

    07-28-09 03:28 PM
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    Interested, pm me please

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    07-29-09 04:44 PM