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    Blackberry Bold 9900 on ATT
    $280- ground shipping included if in U.S. otherwise negotiable (if you don't like the price, post an offer...I am fleixible)
    Condition - gently used, 8/10. I've had a full body invisible shield on it since I got it
    Includes: phone, 2 batteries, 3 cases, 1 external battery charger (NO wall/travel charger or usb cord)
    Shipping from Wisconsin
    PayPal Gift Only
    please only email me at raddbj03@gmail.com if interested

    only one piece of invisible shield has fallen off through use - right over the end call button. other than that works great and has latest ATT official OS. reason for selling is I am using my galaxy s2 more and more and need some cash for a Christmas gift.

    if I did this post right there should be a picture attached with all the items.
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    08-26-12 11:12 PM
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    Just checked out Ebay and BIN prices range from 330-400.

    So I will drop mine to $310.
    08-27-12 11:10 PM
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    Bump. Price drop. $280 ground shipped in US.
    09-06-12 08:25 AM
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    Sold for $270 shipped. Thank you.
    09-09-12 08:03 PM