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    BlackBerry Bold 9700 Case-Mate Smooth Case

    This case has only been used one time and is in VERY good condition with no marks or scratches visible at all. I am selling this case because I have decided the BlackBerry 9700 was not for me and decided to go with another type of BlackBerry.

    This case is only compatible with the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

    I am asking for $19.99USD ($10.00 less then retail prices)

    Shipping is $4.00 to the U.S and to Canada

    If your BlackBerry Bold 9700 had a voice, this is the case it would ask for. A soft touch two piece slim case that just oozes with sophisticated style. The two piece design offers 360 degree protection while offering convenient access to your BlackBerry Bold 9700. Smooth Black Finish Charges while in case or remove the bottom for easy docking Screen Protection Kit Included Easy access to all ports and buttons

    Item Description : BlackBerry Bold 9700 Case-Mate Smooth Case
    Price : $19.99USD
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Original packaging
    Item location : Montreal, Quebec
    Shipping Details : Canada Post Air Mail (1-2 weeks delivery to United States, less then one week to Canada)
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : PM me for further details.

    12-05-09 08:47 PM
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    im interested but the pictures not showing up. If you could show a few of the case and then on the phone that would be awesome!
    01-17-10 03:51 PM
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    Any pictures??

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    01-19-10 06:12 PM
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    To the OP, If you would be able to post a new picture as it's showing it was removed. If not we will have to remove your thread.
    01-19-10 06:40 PM