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    Item Description : Blackberry Bold 9650 for Verizon Wireless
    Price : $225 OBO
    Rate it : 8/10
    What it comes with : Phone, Charger, USB cable, Leather Swivel Holster, Box
    Item location : Boston, MA
    Shipping Details : I'll pay for shipping
    Payment Options : PayPal only.
    Contact Info : scottashackleton@gmail.com - or PM me

    More Info: Pre-ordered an iPhone that should be arriving on the 8th. I have had my 9650 for about 5 months with no issues at all. 8/10 due to minor hairline scratches around the bezel. No scratches on the screen at all. Keyboard 10/10. Willing to load any OS desired.

    I have pictures if you contact me. Thanks.

    Sorry for the delay on the pictures. I was having trouble with the attachment manager last night. Please see pictures here.

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    02-07-11 08:02 PM
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    Ya gotta post pictures on the listing. Just letting you know. The mods will be on you like a fly on ****, and if you don't put pictures they'll delete your thread. Just giving you the head's up.
    02-07-11 10:26 PM
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    Consider this the official notice to post the pictures. We need you to post up pictures within 24 hours or we will be forced to remove the listing.

    02-08-11 08:58 AM
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    pm sent ...
    02-09-11 03:59 PM
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    Sold. Mods please take this down.
    02-10-11 02:48 PM