1. Capitan Totti's Avatar
    Item Description : Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000
    Price : $200 - Negotiable, but please, no low ballers. Not interested in trades, just cash.
    Rate it : 7.5/8-10
    What it comes with :
    Everything that came in the box (which I still have and will ship) like manual, cd etc,
    Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9000,
    Battery door,
    Two OEM batteries,
    Two data cables,
    2GB microSD card,
    Charging dock,
    Two extra screen protectors (has had one since I got it),
    OEM BlackBerry gel-skin case,
    Car charger (I think I might have two actually).
    Brand NEW trackball (will send you the old one too).

    Item location : Las Vegas, NV.
    Shipping Details : FREE USPS Priority Shipping. Only shipping to lower 48 States.
    Payment Options : PayPal gift ONLY.
    Contact Info : PM me with offers.

    All other pictures can be found here: ImageShack Album - 19 images

    Yes, my Amaze takes great photos!

    NOTES: Once I receive your PayPal Gift payment, unless the USPS store is closed, I will ship right away, and send you the tracking number right away too. The phone works flawlessly, except for the top mute key which is 50/50. Sometimes it works, sometimes it acts up. Other than that, no screen scratches, no drops, no water damage, works flawlessly. Security wiped, all ready to go and be used with a new owner.
    11-22-11 07:09 PM
  2. Capitan Totti's Avatar
    Forgot to add, it also includes two earpieces and the wall charger of course.
    Check the pics for details.
    11-22-11 07:16 PM
  3. Capitan Totti's Avatar
    Need to sell this ASAP, so if I don't sell it here by Nov. 28, it will go on eBay.

    Price negotiable...
    11-23-11 08:05 PM
  4. mmagda's Avatar
    Be careful with eBay... It's hard to get what you 'want' especially on something older like a 9000. People with LOTS of feedback 200+ get better luck with sales, than those with less than that.

    I've gotten decent money for two broken 9700's there before [218$] and 8110 only [30$]. So it can go both ways. Plus you owe money on the sale & paypal fees, and on top of shipping they take a cut.
    11-24-11 11:18 AM
  5. Capitan Totti's Avatar
    Thanks, but I already sold on eBay before, and I am not trying to make a living out of selling the device, just trying to see what I can get... Hence why price negotiable.

    My ebay feedback is 93 - 100% positive.

    One more pic,

    PS: Found the second car charger, so it is two car chargers included.
    11-24-11 05:34 PM
  6. Jvaf's Avatar
    $200 for a Bold 9000?

    I've seen a few 9800 sell for less than that. And Fully functional units too....

    If you are flexible on the pricing.... PM me
    11-27-11 01:35 PM
  7. Capitan Totti's Avatar
    I am... pm sent.
    11-27-11 04:32 PM