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    Item: BB 9000, AT&T Branded, Unlocked
    Includes: Retail box + accessories & extras!
    Condition: SOLD
    Price: SOLD
    Payment: PayPal
    Shipping: Buyer Pays (I prefer to ship via UPS with tracking & insurance)
    Location: New Jersey
    Contact: SOLD

    As I continue to sell off my SIM card enabled phones, this time I have a Blackberry Bold, model 9000 for sale. It's in near-mint condition with no significant signs of wear. A screen protector and skin have been on it since day one. It works great but I have recently switched to Verizon Wireless and have no use for it anymore. Although it is AT&T branded, it is unlocked and will accept any SIM card for service.

    I am also including a desktop charging stand, black silicone skin, grey silicone skin, case-mate smart skin, case-mate back pack, hard shell & extra travel chargers.

    Please feel free to email any questions.

    Click on the link below for some pics:
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    06-30-09 12:25 AM
  2. NickB2005#CB's Avatar
    This is a great seller! Excellent guy, very good to do business with.
    06-30-09 03:33 PM
  3. Jvaf's Avatar
    How much would it be Shipped to Canada? Please PM me.
    07-01-09 12:08 PM
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    How much would it be Shipped to Canada? Please PM me.
    Please email me directly using the address posted above if you have any further questions.

    07-01-09 03:40 PM
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    Please note the price drop...
    07-02-09 05:52 AM
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    Emailed. Thanks
    07-02-09 11:37 AM
  7. gaganchow's Avatar
    Sale pending...
    07-02-09 04:49 PM
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    Did this sell? keep it open or closed?
    07-03-09 12:00 AM
  9. gaganchow's Avatar
    This has been S O L D !
    07-03-09 08:21 PM