05-14-11 10:00 PM
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    I have sent you a PM.
    05-08-11 08:08 PM
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    Deal reached with ibcop over BBM for $100. Waiting for payment.

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    05-09-11 03:49 PM
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    Phone received - however, I sent a PM to the OP with questions.

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    You asked why there is no memory card, and why the charger has a bit of tape. When everything works fine, and I posted in this very thread... that I am gonna sell this phone with what I listed, and that I can not add things of my own just to please people. I sold it for 100 bucks, I shipped free 2-3 days... and you complain... Are you serious? Deal was agreed, done. I even went to the USP office with a fever, since you were bbming me every 2 hours.

    I posted like a billion pictures too, and a video. Everything works flawlessly 100%.
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    The memory card, btw, which is my OWN, is 2GB, and its like 18 bucks or less at any Wal-Mart... And please, write here and not via PM.

    You said that on eBay you saw some for 80 to 100 bucks... which is a lie, because as you can see, all the 100 and 80 dollars ones are BROKEN and FOR PARTS and REPAIR. Mine is in MINT conditions, comes with an extra battery which on eBay is no less than 12 bucks, and you complain? Look at all these used and in much worse conditions 9000's. ALL comes for no less than 130! And you got it for 100 and FREE SHIPPING! And you tell me you are going to send it back?

    All sales are final, especially when if you think about it, you got the much better deal here. I told you, sell it on eBay, or sell it to Davis guy... I don't see why something like this should create a feud, and I'm one of the nicest guys you can meet, just... These things do get me quite get on my nerves.

    blackberry 9000 | eBay
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    You can find these all day long on eBay or CraigsList for under a hundred bucks. I sent you a PM to explain to you but since you wanna air it out here we can.

    Post number 11 - YOU said you were including a memory card to whoever buys it. I never asked for a memory card but YOU offered it.

    A few posts later (post 20), YOU offered free shipping - again, I never asked for free shipping.

    I only asked questions as to why YOU never mentioned the cord was spliced and taped even though you knew it was. YOU didn't mention it and YOU didn't show it on your video. And I asked about the memory card because YOU said you were sending one and YOU didn't.

    I am not complaining - only asking about things YOU said YOU were doing.
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    Sir, picture of the charger:

    Post number 16:
    And another thing. I welcome all offers, but after 14 emails of back and fourth with a certain user, this is what the phones comes with, that's it.
    I can't give away things I use just to make people happy. So, make your best offer... But I had enough of low ballers and complainers.
    Which you read and replied to. I did not mention the taping of the charger because 1) The charger works perfectly fine and 2) I posted a pic in detail.
    05-14-11 05:50 PM
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    I guess you're not seeing the point - I guess it's the principal for me. You knew the charger was spliced together but didn't say anything and you have to admit the pic sure doesn't show the entire thing. And the memory card is a moot point too - but again it's something you said you were going to do but you didn't.

    Integrity is easy to loose, but hard to get back.

    It doesn't matter. No worries.
    05-14-11 08:23 PM
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    Sir, as I told you already in the PM. I was just helping a friend out, and when I got the phone, I placed it on my desk, took pics, and placed it online on the spot. Especially because I couldn't use the phone anyways since its locked to AT&T and I am on T-Mo. Only thing I did was charge the batteries, and the charger worked fine.
    Lessons learned?

    1) If I sell/buy something it won't be via Crackberry ever again, but only eBay. Period.

    2) Sometimes, being nice, and helping your buddies isn't THAT worth it.

    My integrity is fine thank you, and I actually am sorry that this has gone longer than it should be, and that there were misunderstandings. As I said, I am sure that you can find someone who will buy the phone for 100 dollars, if you really are not happy with it.
    05-14-11 10:00 PM
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