1. apalm8's Avatar
    Item Description:
    Price: $205 FIRM
    Rate it: 9/10
    What it comes with: Phone (Unlocked), USB Cable, Wall Charger, Booklets
    Item location: New Jersey
    Shipping Details: FREE via USPS
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Contact Info: Please send me a PM or email at anthonypalmiotto@gmail.com

    Additional Info: This phone is in great shape aside from a few little scuffs on the chrome. I am pricing this phone to sell because quite frankly I need the money. The price is more than fair so please don't lowball me or offer me less than what I am asking for. Thanks for your interest!


    02-25-11 12:10 PM
  2. Starchest's Avatar
    Great deal. Bump.
    02-26-11 04:38 PM
  3. apalm8's Avatar
    Still available!
    02-28-11 10:57 AM
  4. rokko74's Avatar
    Are you sure?
    02-28-11 03:22 PM
  5. apalm8's Avatar
    SOLD! Please close thread!
    02-28-11 06:21 PM