1. rambo47's Avatar
    Item Description: Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650
    Price: $120
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Locked
    Condition: 9/10
    Includes:Original box with original earphones (unopened), wall charger, 2GB media card (installed, 1.8GB available after formatting), black leather swivel belt holster, two leather/faux leather slip-in pouches, silicone slip-on case, original manuals/booklets, and of course the battery. Sync cable NOT included (but it's just a standard USB/MicroUSB cable).
    Shipping Details: Shipping via USPS included to the ConUS. No International Shipping.
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Additional Info: I'm on Verizon now so it's time to clear out my old Sprint kit.
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
    Attached Thumbnails WTS BlackBerry 9650 for Sprint-9650-1.jpg   WTS BlackBerry 9650 for Sprint-9650-2.jpg   WTS BlackBerry 9650 for Sprint-9650-3.jpg   WTS BlackBerry 9650 for Sprint-9650-5.jpg   WTS BlackBerry 9650 for Sprint-9650-4.jpg  

    08-07-13 12:49 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    A blast from the past!
    08-07-13 02:01 PM
  3. rambo47's Avatar
    Yep! This was my backup device for my 9930. It's performed flawlessly for me since I've had it, but now that I've moved to Big Red as a carrier I just can't use it. I do hate to give up a device that works so well, but I don't even have the option to use it as a backup anymore. And while my wife and son are still on Sprint (for now), they are both iPhone users and make a face when I suggest a BlackBerry. Meanwhile, me and my Q10 are loving Verizon's 4G LTE speed and coverage.
    08-07-13 02:56 PM
  4. John Rivas's Avatar
    Why not just unlock it?
    08-08-13 05:25 PM
  5. rambo47's Avatar
    Even unlocked, it won't work on Verizon. They will never allow a device on their network that they did not sell themselves.
    08-08-13 05:51 PM
  6. rambo47's Avatar
    My trusty 9650 sits in it's box, ready for a new owner. Price drop to $85 shipped via USPS priority mail.
    09-09-13 09:14 PM
  7. rambo47's Avatar
    Bump for adding a 16GB WiFi-Only PlayBook for another $50. Super clean, with a sleeve and bedside charging stand.
    09-23-13 05:20 PM
  8. rambo47's Avatar
    $90 shipped for the Sprint BlackBerry 9650 and 16GB WiFi-only PlayBook together. Sing out if you want either or both!
    10-19-13 04:14 PM
  9. rambo47's Avatar
    Gee, nobody is interested in a Sprint BlackBerry. What a shock!
    11-16-13 04:47 PM
  10. rambo47's Avatar
    PlayBook sold separately, just the 9650 left. Price drop to $60 shipped. Great backup device for you BlackBerry loyalists on Sprint! For an extra $10 I'll throw in a fair condition BlackBerry Tour 9630, but the Tour has a dodgy trackball. This was the redesigned "low profile" trackball and was prone to problems. Easily replaced, but it's a pain in the ****. This is just the Tour itself - no charger or data cable. Good for parts, or for anybody that wants to slap in a new trackball. Personally, I miss the old thumbwheel!
    11-20-13 12:14 PM
  11. rambo47's Avatar
    I forgot I still had this!

    I'd trade the Sprint BlackBerry 9650 and the 9630 for a Verizon 9650. Or I'd sell the pair for $50, shipped.
    03-06-14 08:54 PM
  12. BergerKing's Avatar
    I saw the date on the ad and went , glad you updated the thread!
    03-07-14 10:06 PM

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