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    Blackberry 8900 for Tmobile (can be unlocked) phone is in mint condition and comes with:

    - Blackberry OS 5.0.461
    - Privacy Screen Protector
    - USB MicroSD reader
    - 2gb microSD card
    - Blue silicon OEM blackberry sleeve
    - Unused Tmobile SIM card
    - Micro USB Cable
    - AC adapter
    - Unused Headset
    - Unused Leather Blackberry Case
    - Original Box, Manuals and CD

    contact me if interested. all items have been wipe and sanitized with germX.
    Asking price $220 + $5 for USPS 2-3 day shipping with tracking, Paypal and US buyer only.
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    03-06-10 11:23 AM
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    Please format or it will be removed.

    03-06-10 01:14 PM
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    Hey I'll do 125 shipped to ca If you want reply to my email: ernestojamador@hotmail.com

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    03-17-10 07:48 PM
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    SOLD thanks
    03-18-10 12:40 PM