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    The perfect option if you're looking to buy a new PlayBook, Blackberry smartphone, or some other device/item from Best Buy... save 10%!

    Item Description : 1 to 6 new, never-used Best Buy USA gift cards valued at $300 apiece.
    Price : $270 each
    Rate it : -
    What it comes with : The card(s)
    Item location : Canada/USA
    Shipping Details : Can ship via regular mail (free) or registered ($15).
    Payment Options : Paypal, email money transfer (Canada only).
    Contact Info : On the forums is best, just PM me (better to keep everything tracked in the CB system for your protection and mine).

    Any additional info:

    I currently have 3 cards in my possession, and have 3 more on the way. I can only accept payment for up to 3 cards in order to comply with CB selling rules. When I receive the others, I will post a reply below.

    These are 100% legitimate cards obtained through a points program, I have used several myself and have sold three on eBay in the last couple of weeks. You can check my account and see that I am in excellent standing on their site, my username is dj_revo.

    Any questions or comments can be posted here or PM'ed to me. If you want to take 3+ cards, I can give you an additional $10 discount per card ($260 apiece).

    NOTE: I will NOT send you the card number digitally as I will not be protected against buyer fraud by Paypal. Also, these cards cannot be used to pay off a Best Buy credit card.

    Moderators, if I am failing to comply with any of the rules, please let me know and I'll fix up my post, though I believe everything is in order.
    07-05-11 12:56 PM
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