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    Item : Beejive User license
    Price : 20
    Currency : USA
    Condition : 10 /10
    Includes : With this you can change devices and still keep your beejive license.

    Selling Details
    Location : USA
    Willing to Ship : No
    Payment Methods : Paypal
    Contact : [email address]
    03-03-09 02:01 PM
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    you've got a message
    03-05-09 10:16 AM
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    it's $30 through beejive, so he's saving $10

    there are 2 types of licenses, mine is the "User License"

    Device License, $19.95
    The Device License is for use on one BlackBerry device only. If you change or lose your BlackBerry device you will need to purchase a license upgrade or transfer. Free software upgrades are included.

    User License, $29.95
    The User License is for use on one BlackBerry device at a time but can be transferred to other BlackBerrys for free. Bring your license with you as you change BlackBerry models. Free software upgrades are included.
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    03-05-09 11:50 AM
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    according to the license agreement, your license is non-transferrable to another user.

    Beejive - instant messaging anywhere
    03-05-09 12:54 PM
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    But it is transferrable from blackberry to blackberry. I can also switch the email address, so technically I can switch it to another user...who cares what their terms say

    Search Beejive in the trading posts, and you will see that it is widely distributed to different users

    It says it can be transferred from blackberry to blackberry.
    03-05-09 01:04 PM
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    SOLD!!! Please close thread
    03-05-09 03:46 PM
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    03-06-09 07:14 AM