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    Item Description : Blackberry Storm 9530 (Not unlocked)
    Price :$150.00 obo
    Rate it :9.0/10 (minor scuff marks near ear piece but other then that, phone has been kept in case)
    What it comes with :3 rubber case, 1 plastic case, dock, holster, charger, usb cord, battery, 8GB card, phone, 1600 mah Seidio extended battery, headset and world adapters.
    Item location :Medford, Ma
    Shipping Details :$6, will ship USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation
    Payment Options :Paypal preferred. Will accept check/money order but I will have to wait until it clears before shipping
    Contact Info :RHChan84@gmail.com (best way to contact me, faster then going through CB then replaying through messages. Also my PIN:311E8CF8 which is another quick way to get in contact with me)

    Any additional info: Upgrade the my line so the Storm is useless for me. ESN is clear and in good shape. Phone is in good condition. Comes with everything it would when you buy the phone from VZW. Willing to part things out if you want some of the cases or holster. Let me know.

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    03-28-10 06:58 PM
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    Priced lowered to $160 for everything
    04-10-10 08:27 PM
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    pm me, how much unlocked and shipped to canada?
    04-10-10 08:56 PM
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    Priced lowered to $150
    04-19-10 08:06 PM
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    Just to let you know, you aren't allowed to edit your posts. FYI.
    04-19-10 11:14 PM