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    Item Description :
    *Blackberry Curve 8520 is was only used for a month. The phone still has the plastic film over the screen. Its still in the AT&T box with everything that came in the box. And is locked to AT&T.

    *Blackberry Bold 9000 AT&T Locked

    Price :
    *Curve - $225
    *Bold - $150
    or for both $340

    Rate it :
    *Curve 9/10 only because it was used for a month
    *Bold 7/10

    *Curve 10/10
    *Bold 8/10

    What it comes with :
    USB Cable
    Home Charger
    Head phones
    And the manuals
    And the Otter box case

    Belt Clip
    4g miro SD
    Home charger
    USB cable

    Item location : Indiana

    Shipping Details : $10 for each or $15 for both with USPS

    Payment Options : Paypal

    Contact Info : PM or icstars06@gmail.com

    Any additional info:
    The phone is in great shape like I said it was maybe used for about a month if that.

    The phone has been used, but there are no scratches on the screen but there are a few nicks around the side but nothing major. And everything on the phone works.

    The cases that are on the pictures of the Bold are not the ones that come with it. I will post more picture of the bold, but as of right now these are the only ones that I have.

    If you have any question please feel free to pm or email me.. Thanks!
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    Here are the pictures of the bold and the case and belt clip.
    05-03-11 12:06 PM