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    Item Description : 1x Epic Resis skin, 1x innocase 360, 1x lock holster 1x OEM charging dock and 1x rugged case
    Price : 50.00 + shipping OBO
    Rate it : 9.5/10
    What it comes with : like up there, comes with the 4 cases and the OEM charging dock
    Item location : Canada
    Shipping Details : buyer pays shipping
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : PM or c86themes@gmail.com

    Any additional info:

    I would really prefer not to part, but email me and we can chat about it... everything is in great shape! The dock has been used a couple times but there isnt any damage on it, same with the case, they look essentially new! Everything is ready to ship!

    Any questions, please feel free to email me and ask.

    Picture :

    That is all....
    08-17-10 09:24 AM
  2. c_86's Avatar
    to the top!!! the rugged case alone if worth the 50 bucks... so $50 for all isnt bad at all! throw me an offer!
    08-23-10 05:27 PM
  3. JeffreyVB's Avatar
    Pics of the charging dock? Will you sell it separate?
    08-23-10 10:34 PM
  4. c_86's Avatar
    oh ya lol forgot about that picture... give me a few to get it up for you! what is your offer for it and i'll consider it... PM me and we can talk, or email me
    08-24-10 08:52 AM
  5. c_86's Avatar
    charging dock has been sold and shipped...

    still got the cases here for anyone that wants them! this is a crazy good deal! tell your friends!
    08-26-10 10:39 PM
  6. c_86's Avatar
    hmmm interesting... no one own 9700s or 9780s anymore?! lol
    09-03-10 10:04 PM
  7. c_86's Avatar
    i may also have a Seidio Charging cradle as well for sale... undecided on that tho... maybe the right offer will persuade me...
    09-07-10 07:45 PM
  8. c_86's Avatar
    i visit the 9700 forum everyday.... and see there are still ALOT of users with one of these devices... lol how can no one want cases and a dock.... for this CHEAP?!
    09-15-10 08:58 AM
  9. hibanzai's Avatar
    Bloody ****.. I just bought a case from sw-box that was crap, and now ordered an epik case, only to see this! Must. Check. Marketplace. More. Often.

    The third picture down, is that the innocase 360? is that supposed to be a waterproof kind of case? I know the keypad isn't protected, but still looks like it could come handy this winter. Price?
    11-01-10 12:30 PM
  10. c_86's Avatar
    hey, yea its a seidio innocase 360, but i have removed the keyboard cover on it when i had it. originally it was never waterproof but i'm sure it could resist water a bit better considering it covered the whole phone, if you know what i mean

    as for how much, shoot me an offer lol i'm not really picky on the price of these lol just need them out of my drawers!
    11-01-10 12:55 PM
  11. c_86's Avatar
    hey everyone, these have all been SOLD!

    mods, please lock!

    11-06-10 12:19 PM