1. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Item Description : BlackBerry Bold Charging dock & Bold OEM Black Bezel w/chrome buttons
    Price : $30
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : Charging dock & Bezel with chrome buttons
    Item location : n/a
    Shipping Details : Fedex
    Payment Options : Paypal
    Contact Info : PM me here at CrackBerry

    Will ship out ASAP.

    09-19-09 06:31 PM
  2. Gogi's Avatar
    Cx, are you in waterloo ? If so, I'll grab this.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-22-09 08:17 PM
  3. MikEy dEe729's Avatar
    if the bezel is still avaiable, ill take it. where r u located?
    10-06-09 04:57 PM
  4. 8ball-mb's Avatar
    i'll take it if still available... sorry, my PM's don't work (probably cause of firewall or something)... let me know here or at: smokayy@gmail.com

    10-12-09 11:30 AM
  5. Zach7's Avatar
    Is this still for sale?
    11-11-09 10:33 PM
  6. Zach7's Avatar
    I guess not. Can we close this?
    11-13-09 06:29 PM