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    I just listed this on ebay starting at $13 (free ship). Cost was $40. Excellent condition, no flaws. Fit is excellent and the leather is great. Padded front flap folds all the way against the back so you can type/talk no problem (see pic 2). This protects the phone to the max. Magnetic closure strap does turn off BB (you can see strap in pic 3) No clip on the back (not even a nub). Bought it about 3 months ago. I just got a different case so I'm selling it now. Pix below. PM for questions.
    Here's the Ebay listing: Blackberry 8900 Fortte 2 tone leather flip case. - eBay (item 330344487803 end time Jul-20-09 12:25:00 PDT)
    Mods: If it's against rules to link to Ebay then take the link down and I'm sorry. This is the only listing I have there.
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