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    Item: 8330 curve for verizon
    rate: 9/10
    includes: car charger, leather pocket case (unopened), headphones (unopened) home charger, battery and phone (with a invisible skin installled)
    Description: This is a Curve that has been used by the president of our company, we are cleaning out inventory now that we have upgraded to tours/curves/storms...it hasnt had any issues and the battery still holds a good charge, this phone is in GREAT shape with the invisible skin being installed since day one.
    payment: paypal confirmed address only please.
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    01-24-10 06:19 PM
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    $155? Seems a bit steep, no? Brand NEW Vzw Curve 8330 w/ headphones, leather case, battery, and charging cord for $9.99! Buy my own invisible skin! Save $120! You may want to reconsider your asking price?

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    01-24-10 07:02 PM
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    Keep in mind BlkBryAddict that the 9.99 is for a new contract. People looking to purchase this are probably in contract and can not get promo pricing.

    That said, the price may be a bit above the average, but not too much...
    01-24-10 08:05 PM
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    If you have a offer to make please make one, also if you have a question please ask it, otherwise any concerns should be directed at me in a pm...also I am really not asking anything that is out of line for this phone, thanks.
    01-24-10 10:24 PM
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    free bump

    i personally dont think its that bad of a deal....

    i mean look @ this post local to me...

    his price is a bit high lol

    blackberry curve
    01-25-10 12:25 AM
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    price drop to 125 plus shipping, thanks everyone.
    01-25-10 02:18 PM
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    someone emailed me, and I replied...sale pending.
    01-27-10 12:45 PM
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    Still available.
    01-27-10 03:40 PM
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    sale pending
    01-28-10 08:30 AM
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    still here send your offers please, I am going to probably move this to ebay soon.
    01-29-10 08:25 AM
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    U can only bump a thread every 3 days.
    01-29-10 09:52 AM
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    to the top, new price.
    02-01-10 08:56 AM
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    updated, new price!
    02-04-10 01:53 PM
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    I'm willing to trade my storm 1 if you're interested.
    even trade...

    100% feedback on ebay: sang.alfie

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    02-08-10 10:41 AM
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    sorry no trades.
    02-09-10 08:37 PM
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    SOLD! Mods please close
    02-12-10 09:05 AM