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    Item Description : 8130 from Sprint with clear ESN and can be provided upon request. Perfect condition, I take extreme care in my electronics and would not sell something that I didn't believe in. Upgraded to Tour and don't really need the device. I have removed the battery as to not reduce the overall life expectency of it. Also, have always kept screen protection on it, can't be too careful. (Has Current Software)

    Price : $100.00 USD

    Rate it : 9.9/10

    What it comes with : OEM Leather Pouch, Charger with Desktop stand, All
    books and disks, Rubber BlackBerry Case

    Item location : Houston, TX

    Shipping Details : Buyer Pays: UPS/FedEX/USPS

    Payment Options : PayPal <---Just plain easy

    Contact Info: Mastermind171@CrackBerry.com

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