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    Item Description: 1 - AT&T red 8110 Blackberry Pearl. The phone is in good working condition. Has some scratches/marks from dirt getting under the case when I used it, but has no dings. Also 1 - AT&T red 8100 Blackberry Pearl. The phone does not work and has water damage, but you can use it for parts or something if you want. May be able to be fixed, but I'm not sure. It is in good condition 9/10.
    Price: $75 for everything
    Rate it: 8/10
    What it comes with: 8100 Box, 8100/8110 manuals, wall charger, usb cable, and case
    Item location: Terre Haute, IN
    Shipping Details: $7.50 - USPS Priority
    Payment Options: Paypal or money order
    Contact Info: PM on here

    Any additional info: I have 300 positive feedback on eBay, as well as references on here. Let me know if you have any offers or questions!

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    New lower price!
    06-21-09 10:02 PM
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    What is the new lower price? My fiance has this phone and one of the pins for the data/charging plug got all messed up. She is going nuts without her blackberry. If its a decent price I might consider....
    07-04-09 01:12 PM