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    So I have these apps that I no longer use but wanted to sell (i have a 9530 storm, but you should be able to change the version to whatever). The apps I have are:

    1) Metalic Theme
    2) Quicktext
    3) Beyond160
    4) Swine Flu - the Game for the Blackberry Storm
    5) Wack-O-Mole - You think you have fast thumbs?
    6) THE Flashlight (Uses Camera Light) - One Touch™ Blackberry Storm

    I am considering selling others as well, I may update with more later. PM me if you are interested in purchasing...I guess we would have to use paypal?

    I would also be interested in trading for/purchasing:

    1) Berry Popup
    2) Liquid Elecite Theme
    3) Vlingo Plus
    4) SearchIt
    5) Shazam (paid version)
    6) Any tower defense game(s)

    Note that I am in Canada until the second and won't be checking the forums much, but just leave a message and be patient for my response.
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